Starting Preschool

Posted by Mary Beard on 6 November 2013 | Comments

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Question: I am about to enroll my first child into pre-school. What should be some important factors to consider in making my choice? 

Answer: First, line your priorities up with that of the school. What are the most important selling points of the school? Maybe academic achievement is most important to you; talk with the director about the emphasis they place in this area. If a controlled and peaceful environment is essential, make sure chaos is not the first impression you have when entering the school. Many parents today see the importance of instilling Christian values consistently throughout the day. In that case, does the school have a Christian based curriculum? Are those values not only taught but also modeled before them? In making the transition from the warm comforts of home to school, you might want a school that does not have a cold, institutional feel. Of course, in my personal experience, the most important aspect is that you feel your child is safe, respected and given the proper guidance to help prepare him for kindergarten and beyond.

Second, take a consumer approach. I dare say that most of us spend more time as parents determining what kind of vehicle we will transport our children around in the next four or five years ...does it have side airbags, DVD player for the movies, room for all the stuff, and by all means, how many cup holders, than we do who will be influencing our children during the best hours of their day and what will be taught to them. One of my favorite childhood heroes was Bob Keeshan (a.k.a. Captain Kangaroo). Since his passing, much has been written about his early childhood philosophy. He consistently stated that the first six years were a child’s most important. Wow! A pre-school environment is a place that will lay an important foundation for your child‘s future. You are a consumer and as a parent you have a choice. Make it wisely.

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